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Bible News Prophecy Magazine in Dholuo Apr-Jun 2018

Duond Weche Mokor. Bironu e yo machalo kama. Bende Kanisa Nyasaye mar adieri owinjore bed kod Log tichne Jerusalem? Jomoko wacho kamano! To Muma puonjo nang’o? Somo Muma e Lesson mar 13:Ang’o ma Jo Kristo biro yudo kaka gikeni? Osinginegi

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Continuing Church of God in Africa

The Continuing Church of God has over two thousand members in the continent of Africa. We have written materials in  English and other other European languages, as well as the following African languages: Amharic አማርኛ Chichewa Nyanja Dholuo Dholuo Ekegusii EkeGusii

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About CCOG
The Continuing Church of God, which attempts to represent the most faithful remnant of the Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7) portion of the Church of God, bases its beliefs on the Holy Bible. Read CCOG's statement of beliefs for more information.