BibleNewsProphecy: July-September 2017: Proof of Biblical History

Here is a link to the July-September 2017 edition of Bible News Prophecy magazine.


2. From the Editor: It’s All About Love While many things are important, let’s not overlook that the Bible is really all about love.

8. Feast of Trumpets Do you know much about this Holy Day?

16. Who is the Man of Sin? Is this the first or second Beast of Revelation 13?

22. The Ten Commandments and the Man of Sin Does the man of sin violate all the Ten Commandments?

25. Is God Calling You? How might you be able to tell?

31. Study the Bible Course: Lesson 12b:  Proof of Biblical History There is proof in history that the Bible is true.

Here is a link to the July-September 2017 edition of Bible News Prophecy magazine.

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