How does the CCOG handle Counseling, Baptisms. Prayer Requests, Funerals, and Anointing of the Sick?

Since we have many members who are scattered in the USA and Canada, we have appointed Steve Dupuie to assist with baptismal counseling.

Steve Dupuie

If you are in the USA or Canada and need baptismal and sometimes other counseling, etc,, normally you should contact Steve Dupuie, who lives in Michigan, but he often travels.

His email address is:

As a backup, Michael Doles has agreed to provide baptismal counseling. Michael Doles lives in Phoenix, Arizona. His email address is So, if you are in the USA or Canada, please feel free to contact him about counseling matters if you cannot connect with Steve Dupuie.

For counseling in other areas, please contact the minister or host for the area. A listing of congregation locations, minister/host names, and email addresses is in the following link: Congregations of the Continuing Church of God.

For prayer requests, please submit them to Dawn Parr. Her email address is:

Dr. Bob Thiel also tries to counsel, respond to prayer requests, send out anointed cloths, personally anoint the sick, handle funeral matters, answer questions when asked, etc. His email address is If you do request that an anointed cloth be sent to you, please include your full mailing address, even if we have it in a file. For sending out anointed cloths and/or personal anointing of the sick contact Bob Thiel if you are in North America.

As far as baptisms go, so far in the USA, Dr. Bob Thiel has performed them when he is traveling to an area, like at the Feast of Tabernacles.

As far as funerals go, since our brethren in North America are so scattered, while we cannot always have someone attend funerals of deceased supporters, we have tried to send someone when we can. It is normally best to contact a leader nearest you. See: Congregations of the Continuing Church of God.

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