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Enti  wobԑdi Onyankopↄn  Nna Kronkron  anaa Ahonhommↄnee  Ahomegyeԑ Nna?

We now have a version of our English language booklet, Should You Keep God’s Holy Days or Demonic Holidays?, in Asante Twi, a language used in Ghana. Pastor Samuel Ofosu Gyeabour sent the following photo of the front cover of

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Radio and Television in Asanti Twi

We are on radio and television in Ghana in the language of Asanti Twi. Here is information on one of the stations: The above station also live streams the radio broadcast onto television. The radio position 102.9 FM. We are

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Asɛmpa No A Ɛfa Onyankopɔn Ahennie No Ho

So, anaa Enti Adasa wͻ hoo mmuaeε? Asεmpa bεn na Yesu kaaeε? Na wͻnim Onyankopͻn Ahennie no wͻ Apam dada mu Enti na Asomafo no kyerε Asεmpa a εfa Ahennie no ho? Nsεm a efiri Apam foforͻ akyi kyerε Onyankopͻn

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