Is God Calling You?

Is God Calling You?

Could God be calling you?

Right now, God IS calling a people out of this sin-sick and dying world. It is a wonderful calling for a fantastic purpose. It is so awe-inspiring that many have difficulty believing it. Perhaps YOU are being called right now. You need to know, lest you ignore a real call from the great God of all the universe. Read this booklet to find out whether God is calling YOU!

A common idea of today’s Greco-Roman-Protestant world is that a battle is taking place between God and Satan. The idea teaches that God is trying to get everyone saved, and Satan is trying to get everyone lost. If that be true, then every honest person will have to admit GOD IS LOSING, because even the total ALL the ‘nominal Christians’ in the world have always been a minority on this earth.

Are people elected to be saved?

Are people predestined to be lost?

If God is calling you, how should you respond?

Here is a link to our draft book: Is God Calling You?

Also available in Spanish (¿Lo está llamando Dios a usted?​) and French (Est-ce Que Dieu Vous Appelle?​​​​) languages.

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