Tithing Answers from the Bible

The Continuing Church of God has a sermon: Tithing Answers from the Bible, which is at its ContinuingCOG channel.

Is tithing biblical? Should Christians tithe? Did early Christians tithe? If tithing is appropriate, does it include tithing on wages? How are tithes calculated? What is an increase? Does one tithe on the gross or net salary after taxes? What about offerings? Does the Bible teach multiple tithes? Is the ministry entitled to compensation? What are tithes and offerings used for? To whom should tithes/offerings be sent?

An article of related interest is titled Tithing Questions and Some Answers.

Here is a link to the sermon: Tithing Answers from the Bible.

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ContinuingCOG channel. Dr. Thiel has produced YouTube video sermons for this channel. Note: Since these are sermon-length, they can take a little longer to load than other YouTube videos.

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