In the Dholuo language: Wheche Manyien Mokor E Muma

BNP Cover Luo JAN-MAR 2015

For the first time, we now have the BibleNewsProphecy magazine translated into the Dholuo language.  Here is a link to the first edition: Wheche Manyien Mokor E Muma.

Weche Mantie E Bugni Gin:

3 Bende sand malich biro chakore 2015? Jokristo mathoth temo koro weche mag
miriambo kuom wach ni. Muma to wacho ang’o? Ere kaka gik moko biro luwore?

9 Weche 25 mag jo Laudekia mag miriambo kuom weche mokor Nitie ji
mathoth e kanise mag Nyasaye ma ok winji maler weche mokor. Ng’eny jogo ok ong’eyo kaka gigo biro luwore kata samane ma onego ng’wech chakre.

13 Penjo kuom puonj mag muma: Magi penjo kuom puonjruok mag bugni mondo okony josomo temo winjo weche mag muma.

22 Chenro mag chieng pasaka? Chenro mane mane ochan ni biro timore e saa mar pasaka? To chenro mage mane otem mana chuogo kod Jo-Islam , Jo Grik to gi Jo-Rumi kuom pasaka?

25 Chenro Mag Sap Pasaka Bende inyalo yie ngadni rieko kuom weche ma isengeyo? Bed ja adiera ne in iwuon mondo ingi ane ka inyalo yie puonjruok?

Here is a link: Wheche Manyien Mokor E Muma.

English language materials are available at

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